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$10/hrper team member
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Common Positions
Administrative Tasks
Customer Service Representatives
Social Media Managers
Data Entry Specialists
Email and Chat Support Agents
$12/hrper Team member
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Common Positions
Customer Success Agents
Sales Development Representatives
Technical Support Specialists
Junior Marketing Associates
$12/hrper Team member
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Common Positions
Project Managers
Video Editors
Google Ad Managers
Content Writers
Advanced Research Analysts
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Common Positions
Shopify Developers
Backend Coders
Front End Coders
IT Security Consultants
College educated Candidates
Guaranteed Internet Connectivity Standards
Seamless Hiring & Payroll Management
Language Proficiency and Skill Assessment
Live Interview Process for Quality Assurance
Ongoing Training & Professional Development

The most common questions

Recruitment services, often provided by specialized agencies or firms, offer organizations assistance in identifying, attracting.

How does SAASworld make money?
What is the Top Rated program?
What’s the difference between finding clients online, versus locally?
How does SAASworld make money?
What’s the difference between finding clients online, versus locally?
How does SAASworld make money?
Can I sell already made solutions?
What is the Top Rated program?
Client Testimonials
A testimonial image
Sue McCarthy
Rapid Realtors
VA Role: Social Media Manager

“As a real estate broker, I found tons of value in employing a virtual employee to handle my social media presence. Their expertise allows me to focus on client interactions while they create and curate phenomenal content. My virtual employee helps my online presence thrive and I’m able to attract more potential clients. With their assistance, I save valuable time each week because I’m not stuck doing tedious work that I don’t enjoy. They are marvelous to work with and complete every task on time.”

I love working with my virtual assistant. She (Maria) has been such a lifesaver, taking care of my emails, appointments, and calendar with remarkable efficiency. Maria’s attention to detail ensures no task is overlooked. She has also been a good sounding board for me to throw ideas at as I think about the future of my small business. Having a virtual employee has certainly been a game-change for me and I’m grateful to work with Maria each week.

A male testimonial image
Amara Dave
Company: Gentle Glow
VA Role: Administrative Assistant

I never knew my company needed virtual assistants until I started working with Island Links. They were able to provide us with two, top-notch employees at a fraction of what we pay our US - based staff. I am extremely satisfied with the reliability and results of my virtual employees. They’ve taken over my accounting cycle, including invoicing, AP, and all things Quick books. They speak perfect English and are a delight to work with. Overall, they’ve become an invaluable asset to me as a business owner.

A female testimonial image
James Weaver
Company: ProBuild solutions
VA Role: Billing/Accounting Tasks, Data Entry